We can all relate to sweaty palms, heart-racing and nervousness when having to speak in front of a group of people.  Whatever the size of your group, it is important to deliver your message or presentation with clarity, confidence and charisma.  Your voice plays a big part in drawing your audience in and ensuring that they listen and engage with you.

Gaining presence does not happen overnight or by reading about it in a ‘How to’ book. It takes practical exercises, physical warm-ups and lots of practice.  In my voice and public speaking sessions, I draw on my experience as a drama practitioner, voice expert and trainer to understand your needs, develop your voice and provide you with the right skills in creating a presence that will ultimately enhance your work life, personal life or your communication and social skills.

My voice and public speaking coaching offers you the skills to speak clearly and confidently.  With the right amount of tone and pitch to your voice, I’ll make sure your audience tunes in to what you have to say and leave them wanting to hear more from you.

Book today if you want to:

  • Increase your confidence in front of an audience
  • Use your voice to make an impact
  • Speak with clarity and expression
  • Use vocabulary and humour to engage your audience

Coaching can be tailored to individuals or groups.  Prices are competitive and rates are reduced if you are a student teacher or you would like to be coached in pairs.

Please contact me for further details.